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Why Do Dogs Roll In The Grass

Why do dogs roll in the grass? It’s an age-old question, and believe it or not there are actually a lot of reasons. Grass is covered in all sorts of smells- from humans, animals and the environment around us. These are smells that most dogs can sniff on your furry friend, so  rolling around in the grass is a way for your pup to get other dog’s attention. There are several reasons that dogs roll around. But the normal reason is to rub those scents into their fur and announce to other dogs that your backyard is their territory. Another example for why dogs like to roll around is inherited from wolves. It’s an ancestral train of dogs to roll in the grass as a way to conceal their scent while hunting. We humans know of a bunch of reasons dogs tend to roll in grass, and for this post we spoke to a dog trainer and learned all the reasons. Read on and let us share our knowledge with you!

One other reason dogs roll in the grass is because it feels good! Grass is a great way to scratch an itch or get rid of dirt that might be stuck to their fur. It’s completely normal behavior for your dog to roll around a bit to scratch a little itch. And like anyone else, dogs love things that feel good. And being outdoors in the soft grass is a big bonus! If you love dogs, can you really blame a pup for rolling in grass?

So next time you see your dog rolling around in the grass, don’t scold them! They’re just doing what comes naturally to them. Besides, it’s pretty cute to watch. Enjoy the moment instead. Just make sure your dog isn’t rolling in dead animals! That’s happened to us before…

Let’s get into some details and explore a few more reasons below.

Maybe it Smells Bad to You, But Your Dog Loves It!

All dog owners know that for one reason or another, dogs feel the need to get extra smelly when they get outside, rolling around on the grass and getting messy and dirty in general. As humans, we need to remember that a dog’s nose is completely different from ours, and they tend to like stinky stuff.

That’s for two reasons: First, a smelly dog sends a message with their scent that they have been outside in nature. Think of it like wearing an expensive cologne or perfume. Dogs are attracted to far different scents than us humans are, so poop, garbage, mud, etc. are all beautiful fragrances to dogs. That means you should always keep an eye on your dog to make sure they stop rolling in things that really smell bad.

Second, when a dog rolls around in the grass, he or she is often trying to mask their own scent. Often dogs roll in grass to mask their scent. All dogs still carry a little bit of the predatory trait that belonged to their ancestors. Before hunting, wolves, and then dogs, would make sure that they rolled around and were dirty enough that their scent couldn’t be picked up by their prey. Coyotes even do it! Other animals too, nearly all wild canines have this trait.

A Little Rest & Relaxation

Dogs very well might love to roll in the grass simply because it feels good, and the behavior likely helps dogs feel relaxed. It’s soft and lets them stretch out their legs. But watch how your dog rolls around- if your dog is rolling around a little frantically, or the rolling becomes obsessive behavior, there might be an itch that needs some scratching. Help them out with that itchy feeling! Or there could be something matted to your dog’s fur that they are trying to get rid of. If it looks like your dog is try to get at a certain spot, see if you can help them. It could even turn out that your dog is trying to scratch an irritated spot on their back. Always observe your dog in your yard or out in the park, you might catch onto something before you need a trip to the vet. And make sure to pet your dog all over and check their skin if you catch them rolling around obsessively indoors and outdoors. What might seem skin irritation could be something more serious like a skin infection that requires a trip to the veterinarian.

When your dog starts rolling around from side to side gently, in the grass or not, you know they are having a good time. This is an excellent opportunity for a belly rub! 

Saying Hello

Dogs communicate through scent, not just by smelling great after rolling around in the grass. They also mark their territory with little drops of urine. So your dog might be picking a spot to roll around in because he or she found the scent of a couple drops of urine from another dog. Or it could be a spot where another dog rubbed in their scent by rolling around in the grass. It could also be a place where a dog has chosen to relieve themselves. No matter the reason, the key here is scent. Your dog will want to add their own scent into the mix, to say to other dogs, “I’ve been here too!”

When Should I Stop My Dog From Rolling In The Grass?

Never! Unless you notice that your dog is really trying to get at a single spot on their back and your dog’s behavior becomes super obsessive and they are rolling around not just in the grass, but indoors too. For many dogs this could be a sign of a skin condition or allergies, and you should get veterinary advice. But rest assured that if it looks like your pup is having fun rolling around in the grass, there is absolutely no reason to stop them. It’s fun and lets dogs relax. They are truly hard-wired for it, so it’s just what dogs do!

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