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Mountain Cur

Mountain Cur Puppy

Mountain curs are an energetic breed of dog and a member of hound groups, a type of a hunting dog. They are also referred to as “Mountain Kerr” or “the pioneer’s dog”. These dogs are bred to be the perfect companion in outdoor activities, such as hunting, trail hiking, and farming. So, if you consider yourself as someone who is physically active and at the same time, enjoys exploring the great outdoors—then mountain curs might be the best partner in your every adventure.

In this post, we will dig deeper by covering everything you need to know about mountain curs—including their coat, shedding level, grooming, drooling level, size, life expectancy, personality, adaptability, trainability and food and diet.

Coat of the Mountain Cur

Mountain curs can have a coat in several different colors, which are black, brown, yellow and tan—all of which may be in plain. They can also come in combination of a brindle and any of the plain colors with a little or large white markings on their coat. Moreover, their coat only grows short and their coat can either have a smooth or rough texture.

Mountain Cur Shedding Level

Since their coat usually grows shorter as compared to other breeds, you can expect their shedding level only requires minimal amount of work from the owner—including combing and trimming of coat and cleaning of the shed coat. They only shed a fair amount of coat all-year round. To be precise, Mountain Curs shedding occurs twice a year, once in the spring and again in the fall.

Grooming Your Mountain Cur

Similar to their shedding level, grooming mountain curs is also highly manageable. Due to their short coat, they don’t require regular bathing, only every once in while when get stinky. You just need to brush their coat at least once a week to maintain cleanliness- don’t slack on this unless you want to deal with nasty knots later. But it still depends on the activities they are frequently engaged with, especially if these are the activities in which they can get all filthy. 

How Much Does a Mountain Cur Drool?

As compared to other breeds, you won’t have any problem with mountain curs in the drool department.

They are less likely to drool all over the place—as well as on your arms or clothes. You won’t have to spend money on paper towels or rugs just to wipe a pool of slobber. 

So, if you are someone who only has a low level of tolerance or thin patience over drooling, then mountain curs are one of the breeds of dogs you should own.

Average Size of a Mountain Cur

The average size of a male mountain cur is 18 to 26 inches tall, while female mountain cur is 16 to 24 inches tall. On an average, both male and female mountain curs can weigh in at about 30 to 60 pounds. But some mountain curs can reach weight up to 90 pounds, depending on how much they eat on a regular basis.

Mountain Cur Life Expectancy

Sadly, mountain curs can only live for 10 to 13 years. However, some can actually live for as long as 16 years, especially when they only have a few of the genetic health issues that tend to affect mountain curs in old age.

Mountain Cur Personality

Mountain curs normally feature a tough personality. They will always be on the alert or vigilant when they’re around strangers, keeping their protective nature until they sense no threat from others. In spite of that, they are extremely loyal and obedient to the owner—and once they get comfortable with someone who they are unfamiliar with, they can easily be friendly.

They can bond with other breeds of dogs as well, just as long as they were already socialized and exposed to being surrounded by them at an early age. Mountain curs are a wonderful companion canine. The outdoors is where they feel the happiest and liveliest. Once they’re out in the open, they will start off showing their high level of energy with non-stop playing!

Adaptability of Mountain Curs

Mountain curs can be somewhat adaptable to certain changes, whether it’d be weather temperature, living conditions, daily routine and many of the other things they have to deal with.

However, they are not recommended to be an indoor/house type of a dog. They need a yard or open space where they can breathe fresh air and run freely. They need to obtain their physical and mental stimulation in a job or activity on a daily basis, so they can maintain a healthy state of body and mind.

Mountain Cur Trainability

Mountain curs have a high level of intelligence in terms of decision-making and concentration. They have an impressive eagerness to learn a thing or two and be trained. Training them will help them obtain the physical and mental stimulation they need every day—as training will also exercise their mind and body. However, you might need to invest a lot of time and patience since they are an energetic, fun and active dog that’s always ready to play. Sometimes these dogs tend to lose focus. You just need to remember that mountain curs are bred to have something to do all the time.

Food and Diet

Mountain curs are energetic and active dogs and do live for the sole purpose of work or activity. You should opt for grain-free dog foods that are rich in premium-quality proteins. So, they can maintain their high-energy levels for a long day’s work. You can go for at least two meals per day for easier digestion. However, you should keep in mind that as they age, their nutritional needs also change. It is wise to seek advice from professionals or your trusted local vets to ensure them of getting the sufficient amount of nutrition they need.

mountain cur

Final Thoughts

As we’ve learned from here, mountain curs are really a terrific breed of dog. These are “working dogs,” and they love to be occupied with various work and activities.  They don’t require high maintenance from their owner so long as they get enough exercise and stimulation. As owners, we just need to let them obtain the physical and mental stimulation that they need on a daily basis.

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