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Benefits of Grain Free Dog Food

Feeding our furry buddies with healthy pet food is only the first step in taking good care of them. A pet’s health isn’t just about food, but there’s no denying that food plays a huge role in our dog’s health. Many people say that that diet is the way to a healthier coat and healthy skin for dogs. For highly active dogs, they need the energy to match their health and activity level, and that can only come from a healthy diet.

It could also be that your dog has health issues like gastrointestinal problems or difficulty digesting- in that case your dog’s diet has an even bigger impact on their health. If your dog has always had health issues, you’ll probably know what foods your dog can have and what foods cause problems. If you don’t know, ask a vet. Grain free foods can help with other health problems, like blood sugar or weight issues. Grain free foods have more protein and less complex carbohydrates, helping maintain your dog’s blood sugar levels. Always read the label, though! Some foods will be closer to simulating raw diets, while others will have lots of complex carbohydrates and grain replacements (like sweet potatoes). As pet parents, we only want the best for our dogs, so make sure you read that label and watch for allergy symptoms the first few times your dog tries new food. There are many reasons commercial dog foods can be just fine, but a grain free diet might also be a good idea for your dog. Grain free formulas of good quality food is always a good first step, and most dogs will tolerate it just fine. Some might be asking for more food! As if that’s not going to happen with any kind of food… As always, get a little veterinary advice before you give your dog a completely new diet!

A dog’s digestive system usually wants more protein, so a grain free dog diet can be a great idea. Meat based ingredients usually promote digestion and result in fewer allergies in dogs. Grains tend to upset some dogs’ stomachs as well Diet and food sensitivities definitely play a big part in your dog’s health, but making sure your dog eats healthy and gets essential nutrients can be complicated if your dog is a picky eater or has allergic reactions.

Now, there’s a wide selection of dog foods out there, and it can be quite overwhelming to make a choice, as each product has its own unique nutritional value and ingredients. Maybe you have come across grain free dog foods at your local grocery stores. Many dogs prefer grain free dog foods over dog food with grain ingredients simply as a matter of taste.

In this post, we will explore grain free dog food to figure out why many dog owners decide it’s the healthiest choice for their dog. 

The Benefits of Grain Free Dog Food

Before we explore the benefits of grain free dog food, let us first give you a tip on how to introduce it to your dog. Once you decide to make the switch to grain free, don’t make the transition in your dog’s diet right away. Instead, mix at least 10% of grain free food to the 90% of what your dog usually eats on the first day. On the next day, increase the grain free food and decrease the old dog food by 10% for both. Do this each day until your dog has adjusted to their diet and the food in the bowl is 100% grain free dog food.

Many dogs prefer grain free diets. You might notice some of these benefits of grain free dog food in your own pup:

Supports Healthy Coat and Skin

Feeding your dog a grain food diet often results in their coat getting a bit rough—which may lead to itchy, dry and irritated skin. Continuing to do so may eventually lead to fur loss or even skin infections. A dog’s diet makes a huge impact on their coat and skin condition. But if you start switching to a grain free diet, you won’t be worrying about any of these. While being low in carbohydrates, grain free dog food contains plenty of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids which can work wonders on the dog’s coat and skin, improving and maintaining a healthy condition. Many experts say the reduction (or total elimination) of grains along with the healthy ingredients in grain free dog food products are significant factors to making sure your dog has shinier, smoother and softer fur.

Promotes Healthier Digestion

Most dog foods with grains for example can be difficult for some dogs to fully digest. Dogs do not have enough Amylase to support the breakdown of lots and lots of carbohydrates while digesting. Now, with this issue at hand, it may damage their digestive system which can lead to bloating, irregular bowel movements and more. Grain-free dog food, on the other hand, is easier for dogs to fully digest, since it is low in carbohydrates.  By choosing grain-free, it will not only improve our dogs’ digestive system, but it will also make their life more comfortable. 

Produces Less and Smaller Poo

Cleaning up our dogs’ poop can be quite taxing, but we need to do it on our dog walks as responsible dog owners. Going grain free will probably make your dog go #2 a bit less frequently—as well as making it much smaller than usual. Now you’re wondering how in the world this is possible. Well, it’s because dogs can fully digest grain free dog food. Most regular dog foods with grain contain a lot of fiber due to corn, wheat and more. This can’t be fully digested by our dogs, and as a result, they need to remove it from their body in the form of waste. By going with grain free dog food, our dogs won’t need to remove the extra undigested food from their body, as more of their food is absorbed and fully digested.

Boosts Energy Levels

Cheap regular dog foods contain a lot of highly processed grains—in which a lot of dietary fiber has been stripped away during the process. At that point, the grains are pure carbohydrates, and are practically sugar. This can lead to our dogs using up all the energy they gained from the food very quickly. A dog’s energy level can suddenly drop along with their blood sugar levels. Choosing grain free dog foods will help keep your dog fueled up with energy, making them healthy and allowing them to be active.

Helps Maintain and Lose Weight

Grains are high in carbohydrates, and if your dog consumes a lot of it, they are likely to experience weight gain. It will be difficult for them to lose weight, especially when they are old or aren’t able to do regular exercise. You can prevent this from happening by feeding your dog with grain free dog foods. While being low in carbohydrates, it is rich in proteins and vegetable ingredients, which can help manage your dog’s weight.

Lowers Risks of Allergies

Even though it is a rare case for dogs to develop food allergies, it is still possible. Our dogs can be allergic to some of the ingredients in regular dog foods. Unfortunately, we will only realize it by the time symptoms start to show up—one common symptom of food allergies is skin itchiness. Additionally, the most common food ingredients that can develop food allergies are beef, soy, dairy, egg, chicken and wheat. If any of these are included in your dog food and your dog is allergic to that certain ingredient, then your dog will likely show some symptoms of an allergic reaction. By choosing grain free dog food products, you can make an effort to prevent these food allergy issues.

Freshens Breath

As any dog owner already knows, our dogs can also have some nasty breath. Oddly enough, their diet is usually the culprit for stinky dog breath. Food that contains grains usually leaves food particles in between your dog’s teeth—creating more bacteria in a dog’s mouth. Though these will be washed away through their saliva or when they drink water, these bacteria will cause a dog’s breath to smell. But if you feed your dog grain free dog food, their breath won’t be so terrible—there won’t be as many food particles to get stuck between their teeth. However, brushing their teeth is still important at least once or twice a week. 

Has High Nutritional Value

In general, grain free dog foods contain a better mix of carbohydrates, proteins and fats than grain-based dog foods. Additionally, grain free dog foods are also produced to keep dogs as healthy as possible. Now, with grain free being higher in nutritional value, it will certainly satisfy your dog’s dietary needs without any need for supplementing their daily diet.

Great for Pregnant Dogs

Pregnancy can take a toll on the dog’s body due to stress. They need to be as healthy as possible, not just for themselves, but also for the health of the puppies they are about to give birth to. Simply providing them with decent dog food isn’t enough to sustain their health. You should opt for healthy, nutritious, grain free dog food. This product will give pregnant dogs the nutrients they need to be able to maintain a healthy and safe pregnancy.

Some Final Thoughts

Now that we have a better understanding about grain free products, it is easier to see why many dog owners prefer grain free dog food over anything else. Aside from the health benefits, it also improves our dog’s well-being—sustaining all the nutrients they need. Lastly, with grain free products, you will be less likely to run into food allergy issues with your dog. Grain free dog food might be a bit more expensive than regular dog food, but it’s a worthy investment to keep your best friend happy and healthy!

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