My Dog Reviews is a website run by me and by my dog! 

I have been trying different treats, toys, and food for my dog for  Years. And throughout my journey of having a canine companion, I have learned a lot about dogs.

Among my friends, I have been the one to ask about all things dog-related. I’m the guy who brings my dog EVERYWHERE!

My dog is my best friend, and if you’re a dog lover, then your dog is part of your family too. I only want to give my dog the absolute best- whether it’s treats, food, toys, anything. He’s my buddy and he deserves it. 

I’ve tried a ton of different products of the years, and I have seen plenty of trends come and go. But some trends catch on, and for good reason. A big fad right now is special dog food. But you know what? each dog is different, and different dogs need different diets. That’s a trend that I can get behind.

So I have done that hard work of separating the gimmicks and poor-quality products from the outstanding stuff. Heck, I’m still going at it! All to make my dog happy!

I came up with the idea for My Dog Reviews when I realized, after years of dog ownership and research, that I have knowledge to share with the world about dogs. So I decided to make a website to share my knowledge and learn on my own as well. I’m also interested in different dog breeds, and that led me down quite a rabbit hole. I’m going to be posting information about all sorts of breeds on this site, so take a look at out Breeds Page.

At My Dog Reviews, I have my dog try and test all sorts of dog treats, food, and toys. This lets me share knowledge with you all, and I get a chance to spoil my sweet dog! 

But I’m not just having my dog review things. I’ve learned a lot about canine health and about the different breeds, so I will be sharing everything I know about dogs on this website. I hope you have as much fun browsing this website as I had making it! 

Kevin F.

Kevin F.

Hey guys! I'm Kevin and I'm the Founder of My Dog Reviews. I made this site to share my very own dog's reviews of food, treats, toys, and more. I also have become fascinated with dog breeds and I'm sharing my knowledge with the world. Have a breed, treat, or something you want me to write about? Just let me know!