My Dog Reviews

My dog and I reviewing treats, food, toys, and more!

We love to review new food, treats, and toys for our dogs, heck, we are called My Dog Reviews!  

When I was first looking for a dog of my own, I searched through volumes and volumes of information about dog breeds. Everything from temperament, behavior around children, energy level, shedding, to possible health issues and more.

In my research about dog breeds, I found some great information about some little-known breeds and some well-known breeds as well. 

So I’ve decided to dedicate a whole page just to exploring different dog breeds. Take a look at the drop down menu or below!


We are just a guy and his dog! I’m Kevin and I’ve been a dog lover for my entire life. I’ve spent years with my beloved dog Leo (named after my favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle), and throughout these wonderful years I have learned a TON about dog health and diet. 

Whenever I went online to try and learn something for my dog- like what foods might be good for him, or what treats he might like- I found myself wading through dozens of websites that just wanted to sell me stuff.

I founded My Dog Reviews because I want to make a site that cuts to the chase and answers the question that everyone is asking about foods, treats, and toys for their dogs: “Will My Dog Like This?”

And that’s where my trusty companion comes in. I know every dog is an individual with their own tastes, but I want to share the things MY dog likes with you all. Odds are, if my dog likes something, yours will too. That’s why this site is called MY dog reviews. I’m not reviewing anything, my dog is! Leo is doing all the work here! 

I also want to share the knowledge I’ve gained of the years with the world, so sometimes my dog won’t be helping me write.

My main goal is to have Leo enjoy new experiences, and that lets me relay real-word experiences and info to you all. And that’s my mission.